Strange symbol on MyDrive map!

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I493e8629-a1cc-4291-8f4a-0b7d0d90e7e6.jpg appreciate that my 6250 ownership is quite new but, when creating routes and send them to the device there is an odd symbol shown on the map, in Woodley, east of Reading. A blue arrow as shown on the attached clip.

It's nowhere near my home (which I have set up as Home). When I wish to plan a route using MyPlaces as the destination, the Start is shown as the Woodley address.

I have deleted all reference to the programme in my browser - FireFox but when opening the programme and logging in, its there. How do I prevent this?493e8629-a1cc-4291-8f4a-0b7d0d90e7e6.jpg


  • dmulv
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    I believe that symbol is your current location, which it's obtaining from the browser.

    Does it show a similar location using other browsers? Where does think you are? What about

    If all are suggesting the same (incorrect) place, it may be an issue with your Internet service provider.
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    Hello dmulv

    Thank you for your quick response and yes, you may be right as I've checked this on Chrome and the symbol doesn't show. Neither google maps nor whatismyaddress agree - one says I'm in Slough (which I'm not) and the other didn't seem to know where I am! The wonders of moderfn technology!

    So, it seems that I will have to use Chrome for MyDrive in future. :flushed:

    Best regards
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    Its not where you live It's where your Internet Provider connects to the Internet

    Using google Earth, and viewing where the MyDriveWeb Route planner thinks that I'm located
    It shows as small building at the the end of a Cul de sac, in a different Town 30 miles away from where I live

    Firefox to Allow/Block location sevices...
    Screen top right Tap 3Lines Icon -> Options -> Privacy & security -> Permissions -> Location -> Settings... 'Allow/Block' -> Save Settings

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    Hello YamFazMAn

    Thank you for your advice and information.

    I had already followed - more or less - the 'directions' to 'Allow/Block' the location settings and naturally the symbol no longer features. Simples really (when you know how!)

    Thank you again