Send to device not working from MyDrive android app

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I recently bought the tomtom GO 5200 and installed the app My Drive on my android phone. I paired both devices using bluetooth and executed the necessary updates on my GPS. I also checked that my GPS has access to my phone contacts so both devices seem to communicate. My bluetooth options on my phone says that I am paired to the GPS. However, when i plan a route on my phone the "Send to Device" is not clickable. When I use my pc I am able to send route to device but when I use My Drive app on my phone it's not possible.
I am connected to MyDrive account on both phone and GPS.
It is also necessary to note that while both devices are paired and communicating, my phone keeps saying "Connect your TomTom Device".
I rebooted my phone and nothing changed. I logged out and in to My Drive account on both devices and nothing changed.
I just bought this expensive GPS expecting premium quality and this is frustrating.


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    I have exactly the same problem with my GO 6200. I can successfully send routes from a PC and even from an iPhone. But from my Samsung Android phone it doesn't work with exactly the same behaveour as described above.
    The bluetooth connection seems to work as I drive the car and I can use GO 6200 as a hands free unit. It even reads text messages flawlessly.
    For some reason it seems to be impossible to sync routes from the Android app.
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    Hello JohanAxel

    My problem was solved by following the procedure below:

    Sync the device to MyDrive :
    • In the Main Menu of your GO 5200, select Settings.
    • Select MyDrive.
    • Enter the email address and password you use for your TomTom account.
    • Select Log In. Your GO 5200 is now synced to MyDrive and the favorites are backed-up automatically.
    After this, please follow the steps below to reset the device to factory settings :
    • In the Main Menu of your GO 5200, select Settings.
    • Select System.
    • Select Reset to reset the factory settings.
    • When prompted to select a language, perform a soft reset of your navigation device: Press and hold the On/Off button until the device restarts and you hear the drum sounds. This can take 30 seconds or more. Release the button as soon as you hear the drum sound.
    After this, please check if you are able to use "Send to Device" button in the app and let me know the outcome.