MapShare Reporter Errors Ignored?

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I am starting to wonder whether there is any point in reporting map errors.
Since September last year I have reported a number of significant errors, eg roads shown as open when they have been closed for years and vice versa, speed limits way out, eg in Warrington town centre roads being shown on device as 60mph for a few hundred yards then changing to 20mph, whilst they are actually 30mph over whole route.
Of my reports, two were shown as accepted in January but after updating my map this month the errors remain. All the other errors remain pending six months later when I would have expected that a town centre 30mph road showing as 60 would be so obviously wrong it wouldn't need much to correct.


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    After Accepted there's another step: Fixed.

    And if it changes to Fixed only couple of weeks before the map release, it won't get included in this version but in the next one.
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    Obviously I didn't know that and I accept your point. However, the corrections shown as "Accepted" on or before 07/01/18 are still not "Fixed" 3 months later and also result in an impossible route on My Drive Route Planner on-line.
    The problem is that these roads lead to where a walking group meet and I have to tell people to use Google maps, which takes them the right way, and not to use TomTom which will try to use a road closed by two padlocked gates - not a very good advertisement!
    The first of my reports was over 6 months ago and related to a road in Warrington that has been 30mph for as long as I've known it - 30+ years! - but its currently showing as part 30 and part 60mph. I think its reasonable to question why this hasn't been fixed.
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    There are lots of "reasonable" questions that TomTom customers would like answers to, but in most cases there has been little or no meaningful response from the company.
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    Totally agree. My original post was more like blowing off steam than expecting a constructive response from TomTom.