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I have a TomTom GO 930 navigation device which when I purchased it came with pre loaded maps of N.America and Canada as well as maps of the UK and Western Europe.We have used the U.S. and Canada maps some time ago and everything worked fine as did the UK maps.We are going to the U.S. again but have found the U.S.maps have disappeared off of the device,leaving just the UK maps.I contacted TomTom support about this problem and they sent me a link to reinstall the U.S. maps which I have done. But now find I have lost all the U.K.and Western Europe maps from my device.How do I get all the maps back on my device like it was when I purchased it.There is a memory slot on my GO 930 but no card installed.Could I leave the U.S. maps on my device and purchase a memory card to download the UK and western Europe maps onto, TomTom support said the device will only support a 2 Gbt memory card.Would this be big enough to download all of the maps of the UK and Western Europe onto.And how do I download the maps onto a memory card.I am in my 70s and not very technically minded I am afraid,so any help would be gratefully received. Regards Peter.


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    Regardless of what support said, you can put up to a 32 gb card into your device but that is overkill in my opinion. Try an 8 or 16 sdhc card (NOT Microsdhc) card. SanDisk is a good choice.

    Now then, connect the device to Home. Manage my Device (2nd screen). Items on device. Maps. What shows there?

    Items on Computer. Maps. What shows there?
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    Hi. Thank you for your reply,I will purchase a 16gb SanDisc SDHC card tomorrow and see if I can download the UK and Western Europe maps onto that.If I have any problems would you mind if I contacted you again.

    Regards Peter.