Compass on the GO 5200 wifi

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Hoe is the compass working.
On TT go and on the 5200 systeem. ?


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    It’s not a Compass as such it's a Direction of travel indicator
    It works on exactly the same principle as the one Captain Jack Sparrow uses for navigating the Black Pearl

    When you are driving the small Arrow head chevron, above the plus and minus signs
    points to your Direction of travel

    4f72e343-d4ff-41ab-8477-89d58591bfe4.pngIf you imagine you are looking at a Paper Map of the World and your located in the UK

    The North-Pole is at the top the arrow points Up ................... You are heading North
    The South-Pole is at the bottom the arrow points down ...... You are heading South
    Canada is on the Left (West) the arrow points Left ............... You are heading West
    China is on the Right (East) the arrow points Right ............... You are heading East

    And obviously, all points of the compass in between, as in the example

    Greenland is halfway between Up and Left and the arrow points 45 degrees between Up/Left
    When the Tomtom arrow is pointing 45 degrees Up/Left you are heading North West