Latest map for TomTom One - Second Edition ?

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I have a TomTom One, model 4N00.005 (Actually not sure if it is a Second Edition or New Edition?). I recently put in a new battery and it still works great.

However, when I look at the Version screen it says my USA map is at version v710.1575.
Per this page:
that map is from Nov 2007.

Not sure when this model of TomTom was EOL'd but it seems like it was later than 2007, is this the latest map version available for it?

If not, TomTom Home 2 won't install any newer versions - any way to install the newest possible version that was available for this model?

Additional version information --
App 7.903 (9183/081205) OS:2344
GPS v1.21, Boot 5.3029


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    Newer versions had to be purchased, but now it is too late. You can not buy maps anymore.
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    Indeed, your model is considered End of Life by Tomtom. That decision was made for out of date models last year.

    You can try calling support to see if some compassionate soul will add a more current map to your account but do NOT provide a model when prompted so that a live agent will respond.

    If, by some miracle, you do get a more current map than one 11 years old (!!), post back here:

    :flag_us: United States
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST
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    I seem to remember that when they notified me via email about my TomTom going to EOL, they offered me a final free map update, which I thought I applied but apparently either didn't or maybe the device got reset back to the original map?