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Corrupted File map download GO 6000

SottishSkipperSottishSkipper Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
edited January 22 in Map installation
I recently received notification of an update for my tom-tom 6000 and after 45 minutes of download it said afterwards I had no maps on my device.
When I checked the download it said that the Europe plus United Kingdom file was corrupted.
Should I reboot the device and try again or is it something more major wrong?


  • dhndhn Posts: 33,127 Superusers
    In the Settings for MyDriveConnect (click the flag on the MDC screen to get to it) on the Downloads tab is an option to clear the downloads folder. Do so. Save.

    A new map should be offered.
  • MagickMonkeyMagickMonkey Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
    I lost a fair chunk of the weekend for the same reason. Given that the software can detect that it's corrupted, and offer to repair it, it's a shame that manual intervention behind the scenes is required to actually resolve the problem
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