How I got fooled buying new Europe map for my device?

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Hello, so basiclly, I wanted to buy my dad Europe map for Christmas on his device, so I filled on websites type of my device, which is XL2 IQ Routes Edition, and it said that map works with it. So I download and installed it and we went skying to Austria. In the middle of journey we noticed that there arent many of new ways and roundabouts that should be and so map update probably didnt work. So when I arrived home, I tried it again, but first an update of PC app jumped on me, so thats what I did and then it typed me a message when I connected my device that it is old and it doesnt support map updates anymore and I should change it for newer device. But here is the thing. I didnt recive this message the first time or neither at the websites when checking if my device, which now I know is old, supports new updates and stuff. So is there a way how to fix it or get my money back so we can buy a brand new device ? Thanks a lot! David


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    Call support BUT do NOT provide a model type when prompted in order for a live agent to respond:

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    +420 23 90 00 491
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