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I don't care a great deal about this whole Fitness Age thing on TT Sports, but it is beginning to annoy me a bit. The number I get is about 10 years over my real age (and increasing), and the associated comment is "you are less fit than other men your age". At the same time, every single time I work out (about 5 times per week), I get at least one star in the "Improve your fitness age" section. The comment I get there is "you earned 3 stars this week (actually it is 4), and you are on your way to improve fitness age". Also, a star is labelled "improvement". But fitness age has only gone up since it started to appear in the screen.

I know very well why this is not working: I do not run. I am simply not allowed to run because of a knee injury, and therefore I limit myself to cycling (mostly indoors) and crosstrainer. I am well aware that VO2max and fitness age are not very accurate because of that.

But I think that the software should at least be consistent, i.e., if it awards my efforts with stars, and promises that stars will improve fitness age, fitness age should actually go down. Or, if it recognizes that I don't run, could it not be smart enough to simply not report fitness age for me? Or, and now I am really lowering standards for software intelligence, could it perhaps allow me to switch off that box with fitness age in the upper right corner?

Could a programmer please address this and make this less annoying, if not more useful?


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    I think this is an issue with the Software. I run and keep getting 3 stars every Week and I do see the message that You are improving your fitness age but the Fitness Age keeps going up instead of going down.
    I had this issue previously too and then I was given a patch and after the Patch things started working fine. But I guess with the latest upgrade of Software ( 1.7.64 ) they have reintroduced the bug.
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    I've had this happen too! I've lost seven pounds in the last couple of months, am running farther, faster, and longer and more consistently than ever, I'm training for a Spartan race, and in general my health has improved SO much, but guess what? In the same amount of time, my Fitness Age went up 7 YEARS. 7!!! It's really discouraging. I don't even want to pay attention to it, but I was looking forward to it being a neat way to track my progress. Oh well. :confounded:
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    Anyone ever find a solution to this?

    Use to work fine for me and while I agree it doesn't really mean a whole lot, it was a simple way of tracking progress.
    Hadn't used the watch in a year or so but back jogging/exercising 6 days a week & despite constantly having 3 stars & being told I'm on track to improve my fitness age it keeps going up a year every time.

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    I also have a dozen stars, but my fitness age remains unchanged at 75 years ... Really motivating!

    How / when is the fitness age-adjusted? Have already collected several stars, really trained in various heart rate zones ... Quiet, fat-burn, fitness, speed, peak ... Necessary duration too.

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    I have had the same kind of troubles with fitness age and, besides the problem itself, what I find really unbelievable is that at Tom Tom, apparently, they just "don't care".
    I have a Spark 3 and there is a huge problem with the wrist band, it just won't last, bad design I guess. They do not care about either.
    Well, let me tell you something Tom Tom, you are really doing a great job in preventing new customers from buying your products.