Wrong Speed Limits on map

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How do I report errors regarding speed limits on TomTom maps?

I recently drove along the Great Western Highway in NSW, Australia and there were many wrong speed limits between Penrith and Bathurst.

This is very annoying with the alarm sounding when it should not.

My TomTom was updated just before my trip.


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    This is very annoying with the alarm sounding when it should not.
    Turn it off.
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    I saw the flippant reply from ethoz some months ago but I still feel that it is an issue that needs to be addressed. I recently traveled from Brisbane to Carnarvon Gorge and back down the Coast Road to Brisbane. Then another trip on the New England Highway to the Hunter Valley. In both trips I noticed that the speed limits being advised by TomTom are wrong in very many cases. The device seems to know where it is in most cases but very often appears to be taking a wrong guess at the speed limit. One of the reasons for having a dedicated device like a TomTom instead of using the iPhone is the extras like accurate speed limits. Is TomTom addressing this issue?