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HI, as I use Go mobile during rush hour in the Netherlands it is important to me to block some roads in navigation. The reason for this is that those roads are closed during rush hours (eg 6AM-9AM). When the highways are crowded, Go Mobile tells me to drive throuht the rural area's then, but I get stuck when roads are time-blocked. When that happens, I usually have just one option: get in line with all the others who have the same problem, creating a traffic jam in te middle of nowhere.

So as I understand TomTom cannot adjust the time-related closures of roads, I try to figure if I can block a single road permanently


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    Why not make a GPS file of the route you want to take when you leave work.
    Layout where you want to drive bypassing the roads you do not want to take.

    You can do it on Google map using your Laptop then convert the route to GPX.

    You can use this website to do the convert of the route to GPX

    Look at Page 34 of the TomTomGo Android manual on how to import GPX files.

    You can setup a couple of routes and convert them and depending on what the traffic is like on a day you can pick the GPX file that is best for you.

    Seeing that you should know all the different ways to take to work and back again.

    Laying out a route should be pretty straight forward for you.

    I tried to use the Traffic function on a couple of Stand alone GPS Units and apps.

    Driving from the Antwerp Harbor to Brussels and back again.

    I found it was much faster just to stay where you are on the highway and move along then to listen to the app telling me to take this road or that road.

    I tried many time over 7 years and it always took me longer to trust what the Traffic info was telling me.

    Then to just stay where I am on the highway.

    I am talking about 45 mins to 1 1/2 hours longer using the traffic info that was being given to me.
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    I have a very good experience with live traffic navigation to take detours when there are traffic jams. So I definitely want to use that feature. Still no solution.