Runner 3 / Spark 3 inddor cycling mode

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My Runner 3 has an indoor cycling mode which does not try to pair to a cadence sensor, it just measures heart-rate and time. My wife's Spark (has the software version loaded) keeps trying to pair to a cadence sensor (she's at the gym on a spin bike!) and won't measure the activity. Is there a setting we're missing?


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    On yours you need to go to Sensors>Bike and pair it, on hers you need to go to Sensors>Bike off to stop it from trying to pair. Once the bike sensor is off on hers it will no longer look for a sensor and will start the activity (she will get time and HR only, not distance). Once you have paired yours you will get that plus distance and cadence.

    You said "cadence sensor" are you using a single sensor unit that measures cadence only? If so, this may be the issue as the watch only supports dual speed/cadence sensors, not two individual ones. Is it a BT+ model, not an ANT+ model, which is not supported? It should theoretically work as long as the device is a dual speed/cadence sensor transmitting in BT+. Press down and go to Sensors>Bike>On and then spin the pedals to start up the sensor. The sensor screen will show the cadence and speed it is picking up. Make sure you set the tire size correctly as well by going into the cycling activity and pressing down and selecting Tire Size and inputting the correct value. Finally, when installing the sensor, make sure all the magnets are within close proximity to the pod (within 2-3mm). You may need to tilt the pod into the back wheel well in order to pick up the spoke magnet.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.