Re-instate Lap Pace

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Hi, recently the 'Lap Pace' metric was removed from my Spark Cardio watch through an update. This is the most useful metric on the watch s it allows you to monitor and adjust your pace over a 1km interval.

This is much more useful than 'Average Pace' as that is over the whole run, so for example sprinting for a km is not going to show much, and 'Current Pace' which is also not very useful as it is 'instantaneous' which makes it not very accurate and you would need to continuously check it in order to pace yourself.

PLEASE reinstate Lap Pace in an update ASAP!


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    It is still on mine but only when I have the training laps mode selected. It does not come up in any other training modes or if no training mode is selected. I just tested it and it shows up after pace and average pace, with a whole group of other lap metrics (number, time, distance, pace).

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