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I've had my Renault megane for a year now and my tomtom live updates just expired. I've tried to re-subscribe to the "live" updates but for some reason I cannot do this anymore? Can somebody tell my why? It was such a great service, and am definitely happy to pay for it each year. I'm not having much luck in getting answers from anyone. would appreciate any feedback/solutions anyone can give.

thanks :) !!


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    Tried support?

    :flag_au: Australia
    1300 135 604
    Monday-Friday:9:00 am to 5:30 pm AEST
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    Welcome to the “club”
    The Live has expired in my Smart car and my maps in 58 days

    even after speaking to TomTom and being prepared to spend in excess of £100 it says my Smart (a 64 plate ) is not supported.

    Seems I am not on my own with problems.
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    If the Megane was new a year ago, I think you have the R-Link system in it. That requires you to have two programs and registrations on your computer, R-Link Store to buy subscription and R-Link Toolbox to download and install updates.

    It is not supported by TomTom, but by Renault - sorry, I don't know any phone number for Oz.

    Have a look in this -
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