Open water swim not recorded while in the water

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I used my TomTom for an open water swim of 1.2 miles and found that for all but the run into the water and out, .08 miles, it had me as not moving at all. My stats graph for the swim shows a tiny section of speed at the beginning and end and a long flat bottomed out line for the rest. Is this par for Tomtom or is something else going on? Thanks!


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    That is because the watch does not support open water swimming, swim mode is for pools only. If you used swim mode it bases distance on lengths which are determined by counting turns and since you did not turn it did not record any distance. If you used Freestyle it uses GPS but since your arms were underwater most of the time it will not get a GPS signal. Your best bet for recording open water swims is to put the watch module in your swim cap so it stays above the water and use Freestyle mode.

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