Is TomTom Bandit Adventure Pack going to be available on the official store ?

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I am waiting for a quite long time for that Adventure Pack to appear on the official store cause I have a voucher for that store :)


  • SebG
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    I have exactly the same question! Also have a voucher to the shop.

    Here in NL some shops still sell the Bandit…however more expensive that the TomTom price

    It constantly says , “Available soon” but customer service claims that the Bandit is out of stock… and only if old stock comes back it will be available…

  • lampard
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    Hi there,

    We already sold out the Bandit cameras and there are no plans to bring them back on the webshop. I would advise you to check with nearest retailers for the availability of the Bandit Adventure pack. Also, We keep supporting the TomTom Bandit App with updates whenever the new ( major ) Android /iOS versions will come out.

    Thanks, lampard
  • tvieira
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    Very sad! It was a fantastic camera.

    I should have bought a Garmin GPS for my motorcycle with the Virb camera