Width restrictions - did they ever work?

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I received my 6200 Pro a couple of weeks ago and NOTHING worked in relation to vehicle sizing!

It was "happy" to send my 6mx2.28mx2.82m, 3.5T van through 1.98m restriction.

It wasn't "happy" to send me over a 2T bridge but it didn't offer an alternative (namely go 300m, turn L, L ,L go 250m): it merely showed a dotted road.

Having contacted TT support, I was assured they were working "with utmost priority" to sort these problems and a few days later a map-update was issued.

It now avoids the bridge but still sends me through width restrictions (including 1.83m, which I know is half-way down a very steep hill).

Can someone please assure me that the mapping USED to work?
Any ideas how long it will be before it works properly?
Should I just get a refund and buy a Garmin?


PS It also doesn't know the correct location of my postcode, even though it is highly specific and only includes 2 adjacent houses.


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    From my own recent experience I find that when I set the same dimensions for Truck and Van, the Truck option seems to respect the route restrictions more often than Van. The narrow roads are shown on the map though so it is just not ignoring them as per the Car option. Routing wise I found the Garmin unit chooses some weird and wacky routes which included wanting to take me off the main road on to a small residential side road that rejoined the main clear road that I was on 100m later.
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    I've used van, truck & bus settings, all to no avail. I've also increased the weight to 12.5T but that made no difference to it sending me down roads with legal width restrictions.

    I'm wondering about reverting to "factory settings" and leaving wifi off, so that it doesn't update: the roads will not be the "latest" but at least it might not try to send me down narrow routes, where my journey would be illegal (to say nothing of impossible)!
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    I'm having the same problem but I got fined 50.00
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    welcome to the world off tomtom not knowing what there doing
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    Apparently they DID work!
    After 2y I got TomTom to recognise a 2m width restriction: HURRAH.

    This week I downloaded new maps and BANG the width restriction has gone.. Needless to say, the road is still the same; only the map has changed.

    I've reported it in MapShare but who in their right mind removes a restriction without checking: ZERO trust in TT again!
    (To think they want to operate driverless cars! What a horror show!!)