Better Traffic jam re-routing by looking more kilometers ahead

Jan V
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During my last trip from Netherlands to Austria and back, I had lots of traffic jams. I noticed that Tomtom live services tried to give me the fasted route. I believe it failed because it didn’t look too far ahead. This resulted in a complete rerouting along minor roads. In google maps there was a better alternative, more kilometers, but faster. I believe if the device had looked further ahead, it could better anticipate with a faster routes/alternative. Can the “look ahead distance” be adjusted? I have TOMTOM mobile on IOS system


  • Met-Mann
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    The Sygic app can do this and always shows the delay time of all jams along the whole route. Tomtom often doesn't show even the delay time of jams shown on the route bar (inside the radius). Especially for road closures it's very important to know them since the start of the journey.
    Many customers and I have ask for many years to show all traffic incidents along the whole route.
    Tomtom doesn't care at all or they are too lazy to change it.