GO 720and 930's work, 1000 and 1005 don't since updating, why should I buy a 620/6200 ?????????

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just logged in with GO720 and have being informed it is obsolete. So no doubt the same will happen to my 2 off GO 930's in the near future. Which is a great shame as they are the only TomTom products that we have that keep working year after year. All the later models are rubbish in terms of reliability and functionality.

My wife and daughter bought 1000 and 1005 models to move forward but at an update both died, all they now do is constantly reboot. Master resets etc as advised haven't fixed the problem. So I have no confidence in getting any new TomToms.

Even if I hadn't had the problems the 1000 and 1005 were totally useless for my needs.
With the 720/930's I can lay out a really complicated itinerary that follows all the lovely twisting roads we love travelling on. I can then copy the itn file to my computer and then down to my wife’s TomTom, whichever vehicle/TomTom she is using and we go on identical routes. These itn files often have 20 points in them so the 1000 and 1005 are no use at all, plus I would have to enter the routes in both devices. which would be a total pain.

When going on holiday I write itn files for each day before we leave and store all the itn files in all TomToms we will take. And I also save them on my computer to use in future years as either routes to use or routes to modify based on previous years experience.

Do any of the new TomToms have any of this absolutely essential functionality ?

Could we trust them not to be ruined by TomToms own updates ?


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    Why would I buy a 6200 when it doesn't have POI's
    See Tomtom video Installing 3rd party POis....

    Displaying Personal POIs on the Driving View/Map
    Be aware... You can't install the POI associated .BMP files
    You can only use the Tomtom supplied generic Icons
    But you can use one icon for for more than one POI category i.e... place all your fuel categories under one Icon, then if you tap on a nearby 'say' Fuel Icon a Quick menu opens --> Tap the 3Dot Icon for more options & more Information

    Setup... After installing your Personal or 3rd party POIs....Tap 4Dot (....Menu) --> Settings --> Appearance --> Show POI lists on the Map
    It says a restart is required, but I've never found it to be necessary
    After choosing the Generic Icon.. Tap the coloured (^) Icon screen top right... Pinch zoom the Map, the Generic POI Icons all appear live and working
    Note... The Generic POI Icons disappear when the Map is highly zoomed out, and reappear as you zoom in again
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    I cant do a 10 or 20 point itinerary for a whole days pretty route riding and I can't get an itn file to copy to my wife and the rest of the families devices so they can use the same route or come back to a route next year
    You can plan a multi stop .ITN route
    (1)... On the device....
    (2)... Use a 3rd party route planner and transfer the .ITN route using a Micro SDHC Memory card
    (3)... Use the Tomtom MyDrive Web route planner...
    Here... https://mydrive.tomtom.com
    The method I use... https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/comment/1240916/#Comment_1240916

    Here's my GO 520 with a 20 Stop .ITN Route
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    The most recent map update on my Go Live 1005 (camper/caravan) has left it only capable of rebooting constantly. Resetting doesn't work, the blackscreen/recovery trick doesn't work. as the computer won't connect with the device. Recovery interruption message strap line at top of Tomtom MyDrive Connect - please connect device. It won't. . I'm essentially locked out. I can't even do a factory reset because all I get is black screen with Tomtom on it in different orientations.
    Anyone got a solution
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