New GO Mobile for iPhone v1.10 available for download



  • Bzmn
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    Thanks EtoZ!

    I can sync favourite places, but i would like to drive the road trips. I can’t find them in the iOS app. Any ideas?
  • kipodi
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    The update is very welcome, but there are still a number of things on my wishlist:
    1. Resolve the lag problem - this is the only navigation app that has it!
    2. iPad interface: the iPad (Mini) makes an excellent navigation device. Unfortunately TomTom does not support it.
    3. Map update: please make the updates incremental. 9 GB empty storage space requirement to update the Europe West Map! Really?
    4. Mydrive Sync: please support also route-sync
    5. Search results: it would be great to include Google Map Locations. Or at least allow the hand-over (via “share”) of locations from Google Maps.
    6. More frequent feature updates ...
  • jcwacky
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    Disappointed that the app still can’t display the remaining time AND distance at the same time. Especially after being updated for the iPhone X (finally). There is plenty of space available in the top bar. Why can the basic Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze all do this, but not TomTom. The “switch between distance and time automatically” setting is downright dangerous.
  • Pies82
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    Completely agree with the last message - who thought it was a good idea to not show both time and distance remaining, far more flash between the two so you have to keep taking your eyes off the road?! Another bizarre “feature” of the new sat nav.

    Can someone from TomTom confirm whether this change is being considered, and if not, at least the rationale behind it?

    The lag lag is another level of incompetence....they clearly don’t have the man power available to fix it.
  • lghjope1980
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    It’s amazing that a world renown company like Tom Tom cannot fix such a simple yet dangerous problem, even though it never existed on the legacy app, makes you wonder....
  • Pies82
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    It’s very obvious that they have very few people working on the app but what is so odd is when the (infrequent) updates appear, they add some of the most bizarre features (eg navigate to photo) yet ignore some very simple ones that people have been begging for since it was released two years ago.

    The lag is dreadful, and dangerous, but oddly I can understand why it hasn’t been fixed because the handful of people working on the app clearly haven’t got a clue how to do it. But why they can’t sort the easy stuff is beyond me.
  • Feek
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    My favourites from the old app haven't appeared in Go.

    And the lag is still there.

    I feel as though we're banging our heads on the wall but nobody really cares.
  • Blaatschaap
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    It is inexcusable that MyDrive does not work fully in combination with the iOS Go app. I see the 'places' thing is only recently added? Why? Is it too hard to sync a bunch of gps coordinates? That part seems to be the easy part of route planning... route sharing.

    It is actually quite hidden in the public info that MyDrive simply does not work with the iOS app. Is it working on Android?

    Also would be nice to add the GO app to the share button on appropriate iOS apps like Apple/Google Maps so one can find address there and instantly add it as destination in Go. If possible... Google Maps app makes it impossible to simply copy the GPS locs... on purpose I guess.

    Also searching for phonetic street names can be improved. And searching for native name with native alphabet is impossible? Think Thai street names. The transliteration does vary because the English text is just one way to write it. Think 'fuzzy name matching'.
  • debanks
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    Weirdly TomTom Go has no noticeable lag at all for me. Neither google maps. However Waze does lag badly since updates starting about a year ago.
    That makes me wonder if TomTom Go isn't the problem rather something in the iPhone either software or hardware. Pretty strange...
  • Koos1234
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    Years of complaints and promises later, still no support for routes. How difficult can it be? I love the tomtom app (clearest directions and best traffic info) but the lack of support in this area is hard to understand.
  • PrivateerUK
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    Any update as to when MyDrive will support POIs on the iOS app?
  • MattNL
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    Awesome. Now let's add the -max speed- feature. Because that was such a great feature in the native app. :grinning: