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will it be possible to integrate the radar application into sync3? or have tom tom navigator?


  • VikramK
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    Hi seoman

    Welcome to the community:)

    This has been requested quite a few times on the community but unfortunately, the app is only compatible to be installed and used for navigation on smartphones. See the FAQ here

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    Well TomTom you are missing a trick as your competitors are now having this feature implemented.

    Maybe TomTom should pull it's finger out and join the 21st Century.
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    tomtom is still in the '90s, they sell standalone navigators lol
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    @ firstandlast ,

    Had you done your home work only one of the 6 GPS app that this company has works with some radio's and smartphones.

    And it is not competitors but one company that is trying this with one of it's 4 GPS apps.

    This on being called InCar

    And having so so results getting it working all the time.

    And this company only makes GPS apps nothing more.


    Why do you keep going on and on about this. There is nothing wrong with stand alone GPS units. I have 3 of them from TomTOM and they still work fine.

    As I have stated before TomTom already has their GPS install on some car companies smart radios.

    To keep going on and on about TomTom not having the option to use any of goggles incar options is just a waste of time to kept posting this over and over again.

    Mate time to move on.

    You said and I quote you:

    "Bye bye Tomtom"
  • firstandlast
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    If you are happy with what you have then great.

    If you had done your homework you would realise that TomTom do these in-dash apps for Range Rover etc. So they can do these things if they bother to pull their finger out.

    I won't respond to the rest of your rant as I have no clue what you are going on about.

    Take some of those asprin and go lay down in a dark room.
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    I have to say that TOMTOM GO MOBILE is an app that's not free and if they want money.
    ( something I thought running a business was about,) they should make it SYNC 3 compliant asap. Of course if the are so flush with cash that the can afford to be choosey who the have as customers, so be it.
    My Garmin will just have to stay on the windscreen with is third party safety camera database and free map upgrades and traffic data. TomTom can then go p--- up a rope, as far as I am concerned.