Very annoying way to update Tomtom | Update freezing and getting stuck

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I am really fed up with this whole 3 monthly update thing the way tomtom handles this. It starts downloading, the updating the device, never finishing. First telling me it's one hour, then two, then three! After many, many hours I disconnect, reset, erase cache, to start all over again, meanwhile all existing maps were erased in the process so there is no way back out of this.
Second intent it starts updating without anything downloading to cache, strange, but there is progress indicated... 22%, 23, 24, 25, and back to 22%, and so on.
Restart tomtom and computer to give it a new try!
Last time, a few months ago the same, and after 24 hours being connected it finally did the trick. I was so fed up then that I wanted to write this rant but left it by that. Now I have to write, I, and from what I read, many of us users, want a better update solution.
I run computers everyday with frequent updates that are downloaded and installed painlessly and effortlessly. Admitted, they are linux and android systems, but even windows does a better job than tomtom. This really needs to be fixed, this is 2018 and not the past century!


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    Re "Download/Installation interrupted".....
    Are your USB ports set for power saving "USB Selective Suspend"
    Win7 See...

    Win10 See…
    Click on link and scroll down to "Turn Off USB Selective Suspend"

    Also turn off any Screen savers any other Power savers or USB port monitoring software installed

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    Thanks for the suggestion, I checked it out and any form USB device suspend or any other power management for it is turned of, so this shouldn't be the cause of the problems.

    But to explain a bit more about the update problems and possible solutions, and I hope TomTom is reading here as well are:
    • Download is completed according to Mydrive and is being installed, however, something goes wrong and fails to install. So I reboot windows and tomtom to give it another try... and the whole thing is downloaded again! 8Gb and another 1 to 2 hour wait!
    • Other times it is writing to device and shows percentage of progress, and then it reverses progress!?
    • I also saw that somehow the connection with tomtom device was lost, even though USB suspend is switched off, but possibly because it was connected for such a long time waiting for the download to finish.
    • This time with all it's errors, it was complaining there was not enough space to install maps so I changed map type to 'no buildings', although it sounded strange because it's installed on a 16GB sd card. Anyway, after a night's install I saw in the morning to my surprise the tomtom had come back to life and showed an installed map and Mydrive showing it was still going to install 'something'. I let it download this something and install it and it turned out it was the same map without buildings! So it has 2 full maps of Europe!
    So for me the most important thing is:
    • the lack of information, it is doing something, and I have no way to know what and for how long
    • when it fails I receive no info about why
    • the impossibility to reverse, once it's doing it's thing, even if I connect it on another computer, it will continue until done
    What I have seen so far this time is to let Mydrive download the update automatically and then when it tells you it is ready to install, connect tomtom and let it update. That is the fastest way and seems most reliable and should be mentioned in the instructions. Another option is to change the app and make it download when you tell to and that it warns you once the device has to be connected.
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    Only thing that worked for me after 4 painful days of attempts was the
    setting update to automatic downloads then letting the tomtom update separately (as mentioned above). Wish I had read this earlier!

    Originally I chose not to auto download as didn't want my PC to slowdown with tomtom updates when I wasn't needing them.

    Full workaround when my tomtom got completely corrupted and I ended up going in circles updating and failing...........
    Many many repeated attempts
    "Keep your device connected and this app open while updating."
    "Something has gone wrong
    Check your computer for more information"
    And no maps found on tomtom, not even UK. Completely bust.

    Here are the steps that resolved it for me:
    1. Uninstalled my drive connect (even although I had updated it to he latest before I started(
    Deleted all folders including cache folder
    re-installed my drive connect from website. Rebooted PC.
    this time I selected load at startup and update maps automatically

    AS soon as connected to my tomtom the my drive software started its usual 2 hour+ download.
    (My tomtom just showed the picture screen not the spinning I am updating)
    After the standard wait the my drive software said please connect your tomtom. It already was but I disconnected and then reconnected. Then it said updating with the spinning logo on the tomtom.
    After about an hour it said done successfully.

    The tom tom wouldn't switch on. Held down the on off button a few times and it worked. Phew at last...thought it was for the bin.

    Then I only had Vatican city - but another thread mentions just scroll up to see the other European countries.

    I think the secret was to do the download separate from the download&update. So do make sure you tick the "download updates on my computer" option when you install the mydrive.
    Oddly I needed to then connect the tomtom for the download to start. But at least it did work; finally and 1 day before my holiday; so just in time. I plan never to update again (unless completely desperate).
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