Are you aware of how unpleasant to use your website is?

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It's been a long time since I've hated a website, but the time has come again.
NOT the people, the god damned web site!
WHAT in the world is going on with TOMTOM???
Has the CEO lost his/her mind? That's what it seems.
Maybe it's time to dismiss and repopulate the board of directors.

Your directions for updating GPS devices are TERRIBLE. Really poor.
Even I could write better instructions.
TOMTOM should hire someone to write 'em for you because what you've got right now is garbage; poorly written instructions.
Perhaps the writer who did the instructions is really unhappy with his/her situation with TOMTOM.

You need to pick someone (to write your instructions) that doesn't know anything about your stuff.
An unknowing person will touch on all the little bits required in the instruction steps to completion of update.
It appears your instructions are written by someone who knows every little thing about it and accidentally assumes we all know the little bits, thus leaves them out. Bad idea!

Ultimately, I wish TOMTOM well, but the TOMTOM website sucks, like a giant vacuum cleaner.

Good journey. Fix your website.