MyDrive Connect error - Failed to create OpenGL

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MyDrive Connect (MDC) version also crashes during startup under Windows 10 with following error message.
Any help appriciated.



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    Call support to help you:

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    069 663 08 012
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    I got this info courtesy of this discussion:
    You can install the last version of MyDrive that does not require OpenGL 2.0 at this link:
    This will remove the newer MyDriveConnect, install the older version, AND turn off auto-update (avoiding the fate of installing an older one you may have already downloaded, only to have it autoupdate to the non-working newer version a few minutes later.)

    -- Henry
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    Hi @wlink

    Is your Windows 10 updated? The driver of your graphics card too?
    For the problem 'Failed to create OpenGL' try this:

    1/ After Windows Updates, you can try again, uninstall MDC, do a Restart of your PC (Not Shut down or Sleep) then directly download and install the latest version MDC, take it here:
    - On this page, at the bottom, the green button "Download for Windows":
    - Or here directly from the official TomTom servers:

    2/ If this doesn't improve but you have the "MyDrive Connect icon" in the taskbar next to the clock you can try the procedure of this FAQ, in first choose 'OpenGL Angle'.
    It's still valid, OpenGL Desktop is simply become OpenGL Dynamic.

    3/ If nothing works, you can download the downgrade version here directly from the official TomTom servers:

    This version is built like the previous before january 2018 with Visual C++ 2010. It doesn't force the update of the software, it will leave you quiet.
    Double- click on the file, the installer will remove the MDC present on your PC before installing the downgrade version.

    4/ Otherwise as advice by @dhn , contact TomTom support for more help.

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    Just wanted to add, I had been running MDC 4.1.8 legacy, (as you can see a few posts above), due to the virtualbox setup I was using not supporting opengl 2. I just tried 4.2.5.xxxx (whatever latest version is as of june 4 2019), and it works 100% fine! It gave an error saying it needed to restart, then came up with opengl software set for the opengl rendering setting. No worries, since it's not an action game or anything, doing software opengl seems to have no effect on speed of the software.

    Keep up the good work!