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Hi All
I'm 52 and train CV fairly hard, often sustaining 145 - 155bpm. At a recent music gig (and several others) my max heart rate has been around 204 with zonal splits as below. Felt absolutely fine during and after but could I be over doing it?


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    That is not really a question that can be answered on a user forum for a consumer sports watch, that is a question better directed to your doctor. There are so many variables at play, such as are the HR zones actually correct, was the reading accurate, what is your HR threshold and maximum, etc. If you felt fine they you probably are fine, but if you are concerned you should seek out a doctor's advice.

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    Thanks for your comments. No worries I understand that its not a question to seriously ask here and should be directed to my doctor, I was just putting it out there to see if many others experience such high readings. I have read that it is not uncommon in cyclists. All the watch parameters are correct and I regularly check it against the top end equipment in the gym. I have had these readings at many gigs - well at the good ones anyway!