MyDrive web update: Route collections menu

VikramK Administrators Posts: 13,781
Hello all,

Today we have released an update of MyDrive web version.

What's new:

- In this update, there is a new menu item on the left panel, where you can browse through the TomTom Road Trips.


- When selecting a location on the map, you will be able to see now the estimated ETA or detour time depending on their current route planner configuration, and current location or current planned route (If a current route is already planned, the extra detour is displayed next to + a sign.If no current route is planned, an ETA is attempted if there is a current location or start waypoints set).


- When you save a route in MyDrive Web, the departure/arrival time will be stored, thus also taken into account when re-editing such route.

(This feature is not yet supported in the mobile apps, which for now will read and write depart: now for any route).

- You will also be able to add tags to their saved routes:


Tags are pre-defined (Coastal/Daily/Epic/Forest/Historical/Holiday/Mountains/Weekend).
Tags will be stored within the itinerary

Thank you and drive safe :smiley: