GO 620 on the Three (UK) network? And can the 6200 use a smartphone for data?

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Basically, I'm trying to decide between the GO 620 and 6200.

At first glance the 620 seems adequate since I always have my phone with me, but being on the Three network (which doesn't support 2G), I have a slight concern over coverage (I can already think of a couple of places where I get little to no service).

Then again, does any loss of service really last long enough to significantly impact the traffic updates? Anyone got any experiences they can share?

Also, out of interest, can the 6200 be configured to use a smartphone for data instead of the internal SIM?


  • BobBob39
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    I've got a Go 520, and my smartphone is on three.

    I've just driven from Swansea to Liverpool today, and I had traffic updates throughout the journey.

    I've always found traffic updates reliable on the Go 520.