How do I delete old Home and other addresses from my TomTom One 3rd Generation?

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My TomTom One 3rd Generation has been sitting for literally years, unused. After a huge move, I found it in a box and decided to use it again. NOPE! TomTom no longer supports this 11 year old device. :( I mean how difficult can it be to leave updates etc. available? In any event, I need to delete my old address, along with other destinations I am no longer interested in under "Favourites". It's a no go!? There is no feature or option to manually do this on my TomTom? Can anyone help please? Thank you for your time.


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    Do a complete Restore to System Defaults (or whatever the equivalent is for that model).
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    Finally found validated instructions: If anyone should be confronted with the same scenerio:
    Reset TomTomOne 3rd Generation
    Press the "Power" button on your TomTom to activate the device. If it is already powered on, skip this step.
    Tap the "Settings" option and choose "Change Preferences." The "Reset Factory Settings" button should appear. If it does not, tap "Show ALL menu options."
    Tap the "Reset Factory Settings" icon. Tapping this icon will reset the TomTom to its factory defaults and all your saved data will be deleted in the process.
    • checkIt you need to reset your TomTom but you don't want to erase all of your data, you can perform a soft reset. The steps for a soft reset vary, depending on the device. Refer to your owner's manual for information specific to your model.
    • closeBefore performing a hard reset on your TomTom, save important addresses in a safe place so you can re-enter them later at your convenience.