Buy new Tom Tom, keep old, or change brands?

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I have a XL S IQ Routes edition, still works fine but with new mandatory Tom Tom Home update (both on Mac and PC) a feature that I really liked is grayed out - Operate my ONE XL. Yes, I know that this is an old GPS but there is nothing wrong with it, I don't need WiFi, Bluetooth, integration with iPhone, new maps, etc. I get a pester from Tom Tom about "due to the age of your device and the limitations of the internal memory, it is no longer possible to update it with new software or buy maps and services... your trusted device will continue to function as it does now.." No, it does not. Unless by "now" you mean "now that we have crippled it".

Don't care about maps. Don't care about new software. I do care that the new mandatory app update (which can't be avoided by getting off internet - the app says nothing will function unless it has an internet connection) crippled the one thing I liked - being able to use my computer and keyboard to edit waypoints, favorites and itineraries.

TomTom suggests I can get a "discount" on the GO 520. Amazon reviews (verified) give it a so-so rating.

So, I have 4 choices.

1 - keep it and suffer through manually adding stuff on the keyboard
2 - upgrade to a new Tom Tom that may well be inferior to the XL
3 - switch vendors and get a different brand GPS
4 - googlemaps/waze on my iPhone