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My watch has stopped syncing with Strava this week.
When plugged into the computer it normally downloads to the Tom Tom Sports website and Strava at the same time.
Its not doing that now, although still say they are linked to one another.

Any advice please?


  • lethalsweet
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    I'm also having problems syncing with Strava today, through the android app. It was working fine yesterday. Any idea what has happened?
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    There may have been an outage that impacted the upload. It should show up eventually as they all get queued. You are always able to load activities manually in Strava by hitting the + sign in the upper right corner, and clicking Upload Activity, then on the menu on the left choose File and hit the Choose Files button. It accepts .tcx, .gpx. or .fit files. You can go into the activity on MySports and hit the download button to download a data file for the activity (.fit is the best, it has the most data in the smallest file size and is universally accepted).

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