VIA live 120 no longer supported

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Well, that was a surprise! Had an email from TomTom this week inviting me to update my UK maps and I tried to do so just now and pay my money.
However when I tried I'm told the VIA live 120 is no longer supported, it would have been nice to have been informed.

As a special treat I can get 25% off a new TomTom over £180!!!!

This is my second TomTom and I've always updated, why can't they continue to produce maps that use less memory to support these units (other than the pure greed of making us buy new units - I will certainly not be) there can't be so many new roads to increase memory that much.

As you can tell I'm less than pleased.


  • YamFazMan
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    Check your device serial number the first two characters determine the Model
    The UK Via 120 devices that are at EOL are Via 120 Models with only 2GB onboard memory with the Prefix = 'AN' or 'AU' or 'FM'

    Check your device serial number....

  • howdenbiker
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    Mine is an EOL version, i.e. FM - my main gripe is lack of previous notice from TomTom and the excuse that maps are now too large, why not keep them at the same format as they are now for us owners with older models!