Who is creating speed camera data and how often?



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    VikramK wrote:
    Hi @Carminat

    The team has been reviewing the stretch(M4) from Bristol to London and the information in our database seems to be updated.

    So could you provide some precise locations with coordinates which I will forward.

    When I reported two days ago that the M4 cameras were still wrong, it was at the end of a day when I drove over 300 miles including M4 both directions. Are you telling me "the team" went along the M4 yesterday to get the cameras right? When you asked me to do Mapshare Reporter on the subject 5 months ago, I explained that this is not possible for two reasons - I suggest you go back a few posts and read my reasons again. I also suggest you go back one further post and also read what Niall said - my question is not what are you doing about the wrong cameras on the M4, it was asking if TomTom actually employ somebody to drive round the country looking for and updating cameras and how often do they do so. My example of the M4 is intended to substantiate my statement that I see no evidence of TomTom doing so as witnessed by the persistent state of out of date cameras there.

    My GO6200 is completely up to date and gave me no updates just now, so nothing from yesterday. Of course, my Renault R-Link TomTom is not up to date - I presume you are aware that the maps are old, version 1000, and that we get NO updates of mapshare or cameras in between versions. (Please don't remind me that Renault support R-Link, because I already know - and they actually DON'T).