Rider 400 - Screen Off Between Instructions

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Unlike the old Rider V2 the 400 doesn't seem to have the function to set the screen to "off" between instructions. Am I just missing something in the menus, or does it really not have this functionality?
This would be particularly useful at night as the night screen is far to bright and is a distraction. If a mod to dim the screen was added that would be good too. Also, if you don't have a working power supply this would prolong the battery life.


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    You are not missing anything its not there

    There is an option to automatically go to night screen and you can set the brightness
    I think it is Settings, Display, Brightness Press brightness and you can set the day and night percentages I have mine set 100% for day and I think 10% for night
    Click Brightness again and you should see switch to night colours when dark just beneath it. It is based on the time so not actually sensitive the the amount of daylight but its not too bad.

    I guess that TT dropped the turn of between instructions as most modern bikes have plenty of power That said the Rider devices can go for several hours on their internal batteries the car devices a lot less.