Contacts slow

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There are many ongoing issues and complaints that TomTom doesn’t seem to improve on and one of them are the length of time it takes for contacts to load under the search option. I am so disappointed that this issue is still not sorted!!
I have to allow 20 min extra to my journey by the time The contacts loads!!
This is over a year on since I first reported it and you said you were aware of the lengthy wait and said you were working on it ....but nothing has changed 1year on!
Get it sorted.
I have paid good money to have TomTom and this is not a product that is okay.
i have iPhone 6plus
1204 contact ont he phone (this should not matter)
version; 11.2.5


  • YamFazMan
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    1200+ contact is a fair chunk of data to move over by Bluetooth each time

    I Don't know the actual reason why Tomtom choose to transfer the contacts list everytime you start the device, maybe it's a security thing ???
    I would think more people would be more likely to leave a SatNav in the car than they would leave a phone, I wouldn't be very happy to have all my contacts stored on the SatNav