Audio on Mobile GO app

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Hi, I’m in process of swapping over from Classic to GO app, I noticed one thing yesterday.
when the iPhone is connected to the car via Bluetooth while GO is running, there is nowhere in the app to choose audio output. Ie. Phone speaker ( classic has this function)
i need phone connected to BT for receiving calls, but I want to listen to the radio, not purely GO via BT media option. I can not see where within the app you can choose the audio output. Help!


  • Ribero
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    It's a known regression from the previous version since 1 year and half.
    Unfortunately do not expect any change from Tomtom : TomTom GO Mobile iOS project dead?
  • Andyrtaylor
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    Sad. After using the legacy app for many years I’m having to try something new because of the stop of support and maps now becoming outdated. This GO app that I have free subscription for is amateur. I will look elsewhere for navigation for iOS. Shame after being a massive and loyal fan for over 12 years.
  • HereIsMartin
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    I use Navigon app connected via bluetooth to my car and when I listen to the radio the app pause the radio to read the announcements. This is the main reason why I have not switched to TomTom yet.