Map installation issue on the Via 1525 TM device

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I have decided that TomTom is probably the worst company in the world when it comes to making their "lifetime" updates a reality. My last - and possible my final attempt to upgrade my 1535TM went something like this:

After discovering that I needed a micro memory upgrade to hold the new and improved United States-Mexico-Canada map (insufficient memory on device) I went out and purchased same. Then I discovered that I would need additional memory on my device to use the voice command feature so the existing US map would need to be removed..

Then after receiving the no map message I was advised to download the New Zealand map onto my device and download the US map onto my SD card. After everything was completed except the main map download it appeared that I was finally on track and could download the main map onto my card and everything would be hunky dory.

Three attempts to download the monster file (4.1 Gig) failed as I would see progress to about 20-25% and then my device would say Done - you can unplug your device now. The 10.0 version of the new map was nowhere near downloaded and another 7-8 hours wasted. Anyone who has a standard DSL internet connection would do well to avoid TomTom as if they were the plague.

This situation is exacerbated by a service department located who knows where that is poorly trained and literally does not know what they are talking about. Hard to understand for those of us who speak plain ole english, and quite honestly do not understand the issues. Wants to "take control" of your computer to do something that takes hours and hours to accomplish. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Combine this with a user interface that stinks and you can guess the end result. Throw away your TomTom that you purchased with good money and use your phone. Always up to date and lots easier to use.

Hope this helps anyone considering purchasing a TomTom product or trying to upgrade the one they own.


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    I bought a new 6100 which surprisingly has a lousy 6Gigs of internal storage, so do a map update I had to buy an external memory card. (Fitted a 32Gig) & installed the then new V10.0 7Gig map of Europe on the external memory card. Or it would have been a useless device as it deleted the old map & had insufficient memory for V10.0 map = An expensive paperweight without an external flash being fitted.

    It now appears to have used around 1gig of internal & all maps loaded onto external flash.
    I think your issue is your broadband speed & downloading time.
    It isn't ideal but you could try an internet shop with good broadband speeds, provided they don't mind you plugging your TomTom in that is. If they say no, offer him extra £'s or $'s for the deal.
    V10.5 map of Europe 7gigs took around an 78mins on 200meg broadband. (As it has to uninstall V10.0 7gigs & reloaded the newer V10.5 map which is what took the time)
    1gig Africa map took 10mins (Direct download onto external 32gig flash)

    I'd recommend asking a friend with good download speeds or an internet shop to help you out & you should come right. A faff & not convenient I agree & shouldn't have to, but seems your let down by your internet speeds & timeouts because of them which is causing the issue. Some food for thought & a work around.
    I use the TomTom & a popular phone app side by side with surprising differences at different times of the day. The 6100 can be infuriatingly unresponsive to the touch & often requires a reboot at the most inopportune moment if compared to my 11 year old 930 which came with a remote & is still useable but with aged maps. I often feel as though they've gone backwards I reading around I'm not the only one who agrees.
    Still we plod on.. Lol..