Really for bikers ?

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I recently got a Rider 42 and have installed it, however i do have one pressing question.
How do I tell it I am a bike ?

I say this as I ride in London and it tells me there is a toll charge. In London there is, but it is not for Bikes so it must think I am a car
I also find it tells me there are delays etc, which when I get there I find the cars are indeed delayed, but being a bike I carry on in the bus lane without any delays..

I have looked, but do not see a setting to say "I am a bike" and for it to be aware of the congestion charge and bus lane use,



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    poyntzj wrote:
    How do I tell it I am a bike ?
    You can't.
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    Great for you guys in London but for the rest of the UK we cant use the bus lanes.
    And once bus lanes are in place many roads are too narrow to filter safely.
    You could turn of the data then you will get no traffic information alternativley

    Just smile and wave as you ride past everyone in the queue :wink: