Tom Tom Bandit: GPS Metrics not recording

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Loving the Bandit however noticed when downloading video to PC there is no option to select GPS data so I can't see speed , elevation etc when viewing videos in the Studio ! Have review the manuals and am following / have turned on what needs to be turned on etc. am on version 1.61.508.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Lastest visit to the snow is Japan has identified that approx temp of -7 deg C and the bandit ( fully charged turned off!)

many thanks Adam


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    Too bad about your camera shutting down in the cold. The Bandit gets pretty hot under normal conditions. Did you first turn it on at room temperature (& warm it up) before taking it outside? If you keep the camera on while it's outside, and don't allow it to cool down, you'd think it would generate enough heat to keep operating - even in -7 C.

    To view the GPS metric overlays you need to select them in Studio during the editing process, then 'create' (render) the video to get your finished product with overlays.
    • Download the video directly from your camera using Studio, or import it into Studio from another location.
    • In Bandit Studio, My Story, you should see to the right of the video viewing window a range of overlay options under the 'Select an overlay' heading.
    If you've already tried the above and still can't see the overlays, I'm not sure what to suggest. You could check that you have your camera GPS turned on. You can also extract and examine the raw GPS data record (as a GPX file) using Studio - just right click on the thumbnail in the Videos window.