GO60 endless "Restoring your device" Loop

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My Tomtom Go 60 is over 4 years old, but now I'm unable to update it. When I connect it to my Mac, it will go on a "Restoring your device" mode from 0 to 100% then reboots the device. After which it will go on a "Restoring your device" mode again.

My Mac OSX in 10.13.3 (High Sierra) and My Tomtom MyDrive Connect is Version

I realise that the battery of the Go 60 should be fully spent by now but for sure it always have power when connected via USB.

Any help will be appreciated, I'm hoping to be able to hand down this Go 60 before I go and purchase a new one.



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    Same problem! Actually, nothing but problems!! Three days in a row trying to get an updated map and now totally stuck!!
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