problem with map: you cannot use this map on this device: united kingdom and republic of ireland 918

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hi, i bought my so a clio 2010 dynamique and there was no sd card in. i managed to get a genuine renaault sd card with tom tom as described above, but says the error message above when i insert it in. has anybody got any ideas.......


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    Where did you get the map card? This is the sort of error you get when you buy one from a friend or e-bay. Cards are locked to the vehicle they were originally installed in and cannot be transferred to another vehicle. You need to buy one from a genuine source - Renault dealership.

    I think your map is 915, not 918 as they move in 5s, 910, 915, 920 etc. The most recent map is 995 and at one new one every three months, you've got one from about 4 years ago. So it is worth buying a new one to be more up to date. BUT before you buy, check what version they are selling, because any in stock will not be as up to date as the online versions.