Using MyDrive- Planning a route to My Place

Ebbe L.
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I Had hoped, that I could use "My Places in a easy way, when i am planning a trip, on my smartphone.
As an exampel i want to go to a place, which I put in "My Drive", and then i have to to go one of my favourite places. at this moment I have to put it in manually, I can not just chose my favourite by clicking on it. Is there solutions, or is it just me, that can not use the app in a smart way?


  • danielforniestomtom
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    Hi Ebbe,

    It is true that you cannot search for favourites (except from home and work) from the route planner input boxes. Is that what you are asking for? Searching your own favourites by typing their name?
    However, you can still add to your route any location you select from the map or from the MyPlaces list. If you have no route planned yet, you can add them as start or destination. If you already have a route planned, you can add them to the route, and later reorder by dragging the input boxes up and down to your liking.
    Hope that helps. I will bring the search-for-favourites improvement idea to the team.
    Best Regards,
  • Ebbe L.
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    It is correct, what you are answering me, in start of your reply.
    I had hoped, that I could use my favourites, in a smart way, when I planned the trip, and I will look forward and hope it will be possible, in a future opdate.
    Bet Regards

    Ebbe L. Nielsen