Fitness Age not changing

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I have a Spark 3 HR watch and use it mainly to cycle. And always track my activity with the GPS and monitor my HR whilst cycling
I have captured over 150 hrs of cycling time since I bought the watch 19 Sept 2017.
Generally my activities consist of 50% Cardio HR zone and 20% Perform HR zone and the rest spread between the rest of the HR zones.
My Fitness age has been 59 and my VO2 max 36 since 19 Sept 2017.
Why is My fitness Age and VO2 max not changing?


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    Hi BeyersMTB. Too much of a coincidence, my numbers and situation are almost exactly the same as yours (cycle only since Aug17, FA 59, VO2 max 36). Has to be a bug of some sort, imo. In Jan I cycled over 200 mi, lost 12 lbs, and dropped my HR from 70 to 57, with no change to FA or VO2 max!