Incorrect HGV Routing Ipswich, Suffolk, UK

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I'm a trucker and I've just bought a TomTom Go 520 Pro, after having had a Garmin Nuvi 465t for the last few years. But there's more than a few problems in my local area with HGV routing on the TomTom. But rather than give up immediately and return it to the retailer, I've used the Mapshare Tool to attempt to highlight some of these issues, but I'm not sure as this gives an accurate or complete picture.

There's a few night time(10pm to 7am) weight restrictions in Ipswich, but the TomTom seems to enforce these all the time, giving ridiculous navigation results during the day, all of the following relates to a 44ton Artic.

If I start at Dock Gate No 2 in Felixstowe and want to navigate to Sandyhill Lane, Ipswich during the day, the correct route should be:
A14(J57)-> Nacton Road(A1189)->Landseer Road->Sandyhill Lane

TomTom navigation does the night time diversion:
A14->(J55)A1214->West End Road->Star Lane->Duke St->etc,etc
About 12 mile detour through the town.

Because it might not seem clear what the problem is, the Mapshare Id's of the reports I've made for this are:

If I start at Reynolds Road shops and want to go to Felixstowe, the correct route should be:
Reynolds Road->Landseer Road(main road)->Nacton Road(A1189)->A14(E)->>>>
TomTom does:
Reynolds Road->Clapgate Lane(residential st)->Mildmay Road(residential st)->Nacton Road(A1189)->A14->>>>
Mapshare Id:

Now if I start at Reynolds Road going to Cliff Quay:
For no reason at all TomTom has a section of Landseer Road blocked for HGV's and incorrectly diverts around a couple of residential streets Hollbrook Road->Hawke Road->Sandyhill Lane.
Mapshare Id:

Next one which is really bad:
If I start at Shell Orwell Crossing a14 West bound and want to go to Riverside Ind Est, Rapier Street, again during the day. The correct route should be:
A14(W)(J56)->A137(N)->Rapier St

TomTom gives this horrendous route completely unsuitable for a 44t Artic through tiny narrow country lanes and housing estates:
A14(W)(J56)->A137(S)->The Street->Grove Hill->and carries on through Chantry and Pinewood housing estates, urrrgh.

Even during the night TomTom should go via the main roads:
A14(J55)->A1214->West End Road->>>>etc

Mayshare Ids:

Another issue was if I'm travelling West on the A14 going to Boss Hall Road in a 4.5m high truck. To avoid the 14'6" bridge on Sproughton Road, TomTom would take me to the next juction and back along Papermill Lane->Bramford Road, that would infringe a 7.5t weght limit, TomTom should turn me round at the next junction back to A14(55)->A1214->Bramford Road to avoid weight restriction and avoid the bridge.

Hopefully this post can find it's way to the mapping team along with my Mapshare reports, and fix all these issues.


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    A general problem with the Truck maps are the roads "blocked" to trucks: presumably because someone somewhere doesn't want trucks to go down them although they are legally be entitled to do so.

    Most of these roads seem to be correctly configured on the map, e.g. 7.5 tonne weight limit except for loading/access, but are "blocked" as well. This results in the diversions, some of which, if followed, take you dangerously along small residential roads.

    On my old 5150 I could remove the blocks, but I can't on my current 6000.

    TomTom should trust their mapping and remove these blocks.
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