Problem buying europe maps from Argentina

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Yesterday I've received my "box labeled" VIA 1430 (which seems to report as VIA 120 in TomTom system). It's loaded with Argentina & Uruguay maps, but I wish to load Europe map for a trip I'm planning. I went through the buying process but at some point I'm instructed to change country on the footer. By doing this I don't find the products I'm looking for, not even the one I already bought locally.
Please let me know how can I buy Europe map from argentina. If this is not possible as I was told by local salesman I need to return the product.


  • VikramK
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    Hi Eric89

    Welcome to the community!

    As long as your card supports international payments you can order the map on the Ireland webshop.

    You don't have to enter your physical address so you can leave the country as Ireland. Since its a downloadable product you will be able to install the map using MyDrive Connect after the order is placed successfully.

  • Eric89
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    Thanks for your help, now I'm up & running.

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