xl330s turns on by itself

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from day one the unit would randomly turn itself on every few days, exhausting the battery. Does anyone have an idea as to how to correct this issue? At the time, I was "instructed" by tom tom support staff to download TOM TOM HOME and to reinstall the software. This made no difference...the unit continued(s) to turn itself on at some point over a week to two week period and kill the battery. Further contact with TomTom got me a "gee whiz...I don't understand how this could happen" response! Later searching on-line I found that MANY people were complaining of the same issue...so much for the "honesty" of the support staff I had been dealing with!!! I'm about to buy a new GPS but want to gift this one to a stroke survivor friend with some degree of short term memory issues, but don't want to add to his initial user confusion with the "self turn on-dead battery issue". ANY help will be GREATLY appreciated to direct me to a solution to this problem


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    I have heard of this issue before. Make sure that you have an existing route cleared (or cancelled) prior to turning the device off.
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    Thanks dhn. I'll give your suggestion a shot and see what happens.

    Thanks again!

    Mike T.