Speed limit changed, map corrections?

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On the A15 near Yaxley Peterborough, UK the limit used to be 40-50-40 Mph.

the 50 Mph section has been reduced to 40 Mph, in both directions.
I saw workmen removing the 50 signs during roadworks, and they have not been replaced
My Go 520 still says 50Mph , has this change been officially introduced?


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    I have noticed a lot of speed limit changes for the UK roads in the past year or two, 60mph (national speed limit) down to 40 or 50; and 30s down to 20mph zones.. only a very few of them have been reflected on the recent map updates, some of the very old changes are still not there which makes the speed limit display inaccurate and not usable..

    Would be great if the speed limits can be updated independently from the map, and are updated more frequently like the speed cameras..
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    miketorcy wrote:

    In theory, yes! In practice, probably a waste of time!!

    I reported a Speed-Limit change, over 4 months ago, it is still showing "Pending"!
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    John-Jay wrote:
    miketorcy wrote:
    In theory, yes! In practice, probably a waste of time!!

    I am agree with you.
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    Speed limit reports seem to be an exception now, they are indeed pending much longer than all other reports. Usually all other reports do get accepted for me.
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    I think this is because of the IQ routing used for navigation, which uses historical typical speeds along routes, so doesn't actually require the signed speed limit info. So that's only useful for the in-app warning of excess speed, and perhaps why they simply don't bother with speed updates. I have many that are still pending after 16 months but irritate me as they appear incorrectly within my car too.