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Why, from quite recently am I being plagued with this dammed cookie window opening and blocking the screen on my mobile. There appears on option but to accept it. But I have to do it when opening every post/email notification.
I have just tried to use the computer to refuse to agree to them using cookies as I do not want to be bombarded with adverts, thank you. But it does not appear to work.

Any suggestion how I can stop it. If there is no way of disabling this cookie then I will not be using your site any longer and will use the My Route App for any route planning.


  • Wiley
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    I'm using Adguard on my browsers to selectively block elements of various sites, including TomTom's. The idiot "Cookies" banner is easily handled after you've blocked it in various pages. Fortunately, once you've turned the banner off in the pages you frequent, they won't come back until TomTom changes the page code.