Resetting passord for TomTom account

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How annoying is this?

I cannot log into my to account. I have tried over the last few weeks and keep getting the same website freeze!

I follow the instructions for the 'forgotten password' link. It sends me an email. I click on this link and then enter the new password which gives me a nice green tick BUT THEN NOTHING! I try to re-login with the new password but it does not work.

So, try to get through to SUpport, which always brings you to this community website for which ofcourse you NEED TO HAVE YOUR PASSWORD FOR!

I can see on the search community FAQ that this is happening to lots and lots of frustrated annoyed customers and NONE OF THEM have answers from this Consumer Product company in the Netherlands. Wow!

So to get this question posted I have had to create a new account! Does not help me to get into my Spark MySports data because I need to reset my password.

Let's see if these guys pay any attention to their customers.


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    Call support:

    :flag_gb: United Kingdom
    02079 490 134
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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    How annoying is this?

    I called the customer service number above. It sounds like you are talking into someone's old magnet tape home telephone answering machine. It then leaves you hanging for ages listening to some horrible lift music.

    Finally someone does come on the line and they are very helpful but they then have to change the password manually there on the spot.

    Why do they not fix what is clearly a broken web site and allow customers to change their own passwords.

    I really do feel sorry for this company. TomTom was very innovative and do come up with great product ideas. They are let down by their gruff Dutch customer service culture.