Runner 3, disappointing lack of manual lap / interval control.

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After using Garmin 305 for seven years I bought a Runner 3 Cardio few weeks ago. I made the mistake of not researching it enough before buying. I now have a watch that is almost useless two times a week when my plan expects manual sprint/interval exercises with variable length or time. I just did not think of this, I so expected this to be a basic functionality of a running watch.

Luckily the Garmin is still running like a clock on its second battery.


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    You can do manual laps, just go to Training>Laps>Manual. While in a workout cover the screen and it will record a manual lap. You got what you paid for with the TomTom, they are budget watches with a minimal feature set, which research would have told you. You also would have seen that TT has left the wearables market and is not producing any new devices (and never even released the Adventurer in the US) and I would assume at this point any updates will be limited to bug fixes. I would not expect much more development so what you get in the box will likely be all there is. There are also major connectivity and battery drain issues that have not been resolved in over three months. You may want to reconsider your purchase if you are within your return period.

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    Yes I'm totally responsible for my lack of research. And the watch is nice in many ways, I will use it for easy and longer runs.