Smart Media System Issues in car and MyDrive Connect

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Hopefully this is the right forum.

I have a Smart Fortwo with the smart media system. Yesterday all was working fine. It has been about three months since I’d updated the maps so thought I’d remove the SD card and update them on my Windows PC (where I had MyDrive Connect installed). Inserted the SD and a black bar at the top said “smart media system corrupted, please insert SD into car” (well something along those lines). Did as it said, car worked fine displaying the maps, and returned to PC with SD card. The same message was displayed. I then thought I’d try it on my iMac.

Downloads MyDrive, inserted SD car and was recognised as the smart media system. So far so good. Told me a system update, GPS update, and map update was available so downloaded all three and installed them on the SD card. Installation was complete after an hour or so. Removed SD card and put back into car. Initially nothing happened, with also the navigation app not working. After a short while a pop up appeared saying an update was available, and would I like to install. Pressed 'yes' and the system restarted a few times, eventually saying 'update completed'. When trying to go on navigation however, it said 'no maps found'. After driving for about 20 minutes, nothing had appeared yet. The car knew the SD was present, however nothing seemed to be happening.

Returned SD card to Mac, and MyDrive wouldn’t recognise it. I could see the drive appear on the desktop, which had four files present (TOMTOM.000 to TOMTOM.003). Tried the windows PC again the same message about the corrupt system popped up.

Sorry for the essay. Any ideas where to go from here? Should I go on a longer drive to give the car longer to load the maps? I’m at my wits end now. I could contact the dealer but I ended heard they charge £150 for a new card. Any help greatly appreciated!


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    You are not alone....

    Smart or TomTom could help me.

    We concluded that TomTom updates do not fit onto the Smart Provided SD cards and will like most destroy the card if filled up!

    Nobody at Smart or the Dealer seems to know anything about the system and TomTom don’t have a clue either.

    Against my better judgment I bought a Brand new Smart for Four.
    I installed the New TomTom Smart Media Connect software and put my Brand new TomTom SD Card in the PC

    It said “Please leave your device connected “
    That was 3 hours ago!
    This is exactly how my last SD Card got toasted!

    Looks like I’ll be back at the dealers on Monday for a New SD Card or they can have the car back!
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    Can anyone confirm that a new 2018 Smart Fortwo passion with touchscreen comes with a Smart Tomtom sd card included?. Mine did not and the MB dealer refuses to supply one for free, wants $400 cdn for an sd card?
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    This is my same problem I have , surprised this isnt documented , anyone have a fix, I now have a useless sat nav